Cool Weather Skin Care

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Cold weather can significantly affect all skin types. Forced-air heat depletes skin of essential moisture leading to excessive dryness, flaking, and even wrinkles. Your first thought may be to load on heavy creams and rich cosmetics – but healthy, hydrated skin starts with the inner layers, not just treating the surface.

The traditional Japanese practice of steaming helps open pores, making it more receptive to rehydration afterwards. Simply soak a towel with hot water, wring gently, and microwave for 30 seconds wrapped in plastic wrap to create steam. Remove the plastic wrap, spreading the towel over your face and ears for a gentle steam mask. Afterwards, apply a hydrating eye mask or facial sheet mask to drastically improve your skin’s moisture levels and appearance, in just 10 minutes.  If more moisturization is needed, follow with a lightweight, anti-aging hydrator and plumping gel cream, to further improve your skin’s hydration, plump fine lines, and boost elasticity.